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The Price of a Soul: Musings on the Moral Beauty of “Les Miserables”

Enjoy this insightfully, spiritually in-tune review of the moral beauty of the motion picture “Les Miserables.”

A River’s Flow: The Thames and Sir Thomas More

Here is a reflection on the symbolic importance of the River Thames in the classic film “A Man for All Seasons”.

Once Upon a Dream: A Magical Disney Movie Montage

Read this montage of magical Disney productions, from animated to live action, revealing both vibrant imagination and lots of love.

Simple Homespun: A Movie Review of “The Robe”

In this classic Biblical blockbuster, a Roman officer finds himself “bewitched” by the robe of Christ after winning it in a dice game at the foot of the cross.

Room: A Defining Landmark in Faith and Storytelling

Read this film review of “Room”, a movie that takes on dark themes in a way that still affirms the worth of all life and power of the human spirit.

Emotional Depth and Imaginary Heights: Fantasy and Sci-Fi Stories That Teach Us How to Love

“I believe that the worth of a story…is dependent upon how much that story can reveal about our own souls, and ultimately, how much it can reveal to us about the Nature of Love…”

Cinderella’s Amazing Grace: An Exploration of the Christian Themes in This Classic Tale

Read this movie review of the 2015 live action feature film “Cinderella”, delving into the Christian elements of the classic tale.

So Let It Be Written: A Movie Review of “The Ten Commandments”

For the 60th anniversary of its release being celebrated this year, read this movie review of Cecil B. DeMille’s epic sword-and-sandle extravaganza, “The Ten Commandments”.

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