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Rogue One: What We Lose When ‘Star Wars’ Goes to the Dark Side

“Rogue One isn’t just a different sort of story than the original Star Wars films, or even just a story in a different genre. It is a story set in a different moral universe…”

Death Shall Have No Dominion

“Deep in a tangled forest, there dwelt four sisters whose mother, a wood-wife, had died by the bite of a werewolf years before…” (Rated: PG-13)

“Family Don’t End in Blood”: How the TV Show “Supernatural” Strengthened My Faith

Read this Catholic analysis of the series “Supernatural”, and how it has strengthened the author’s faith.

I’ve Got No Strings: Pinocchio, C.S. Lewis, and the Meaning of Conscience

Read about the profound connection between the “I’ve Got No Strings” song in Pinnochio and C.S. Lewis’s exploration of the nature of our consciences.

Modern Universities: What’s Wrong with the World of Education

John Paul Meenan, editor of “Catholic Insight” and assistant professor of theology and natural sciences at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, outlines what he sees as the fatal flaws of the modern system of higher education.

All Things Permitted?: God, Immortality, and Morality

Learn about the philosophical and theological ideas presented in “The Brothers Karamazov” regarding God, immortality, and morality.

Look Closer: Catholicity in the Entertainment Industry

In this article, the subject of Catholicity in art (and especially the entertainment industry) is explored, proposing that we must look closer in order to find the elements of truth still present in modern productions.

Hard to Find: A Tribute to the Cop Show “Adam-12”

“Honor’s hard to find . . . They won’t see heroism in you. They’ll rarely feel thanks.”

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