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The Pleasure of His Majesty: Kingship in the Works of the Inklings

“Their kings are neither the figureheads with which we are familiar in everyday life nor the all-powerful despots the modern mind conjures up…Rather, they are mythic figures of romance, images, like their prototypes of Arthur and Charlemagne, of Christ the King.”

For the White Rose

“All Kings and all pretenders, wherever you may be, the land itself remembers though we are far from thee…”

Seven Stars and Seven Crowns: A Catholic Monarchist’s Perspective on The Lord of the Rings

Learn about the monarchist elements of “The Lord of the Rings” and the parallels between the Kingdom of Gondor and the Holy Roman Empire.

Queen Elizabeth II: The Longest Reign and Still Going Strong

Read this biographical essay about Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch of Great Britain whose dedication to duty makes her a symbol of service in her own country and beyond.

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