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Nina in Germany

“She was probably supposed to be going to a show. I mean, a dog like that doesn’t belong anywhere but in a show kennel or a home…”

Letters from Bidbid

“This Christmas, Ma, are you going to make my favorite gingerbread men? And what do you plan on wearing for midnight Mass? I hope you got something new!”

Those Souls for Whom the Bell Tolls: A Memorial Day Reflection

“It symbolizes the fulfillment a solemn promise to always remember what they had done in their selfless devotion to the call of duty…”

Reaching for the Sky: The Story of the Tuskegee Airmen and the Pilots of the Caribbean

For Black History Month: Read this fascinating story of the Tuskegee Airmen, African Americans who served their country in WWII in the face of racial prejudice, and the Pilots of the Caribbean who courageously served the British Crown in the RAF.

Tolkien’s War: The History behind The Lord of the Rings

This article focuses on the experiences of a young J.R.R. Tolkien as a British soldier in the trenches of WWI, and how his personal war shaped his fantasy universe in The Lord of the Rings.

Champion of Liberty and Son of Freedom: Thaddeus Kosciuszko in the American Revolution

Read this fascinating biography of Thaddeus Kosciuszco, a largely unsung hero of the American Revolution, who traveled from his Polish homeland to aid the cause of liberty in the New World.

Real, Solid, and Unbending: The Life and Legacy of Sir John Moore

Discover this courageous, totally unique historical figure who aided the defeat of Napoleonic domination.

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