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The Crossroads

“For us, all hope of life is past – I know this sun will be our last. But then I see upon Sam’s face a soft, warm glow, a ray of grace . . .”

Not By the Hand of Man: The Women of The Lord of the Rings

Are you thinking “The Lord of the Rings” falls short when it comes to strong female characters? Think again!

Come Quick! Real Elves!: A Human’s Wistful Reflections on the Immortals of Middle-Earth

Enjoy this anecdote of how one Elf-admirer took her fandoms a bit far and paid for it with much humiliation.

Out of the Information Highway to Middle-Earth I Am Come: A Review of The Lord of the Rings Online

       Aragorn crouches on the ground, studying the map laid out before him. I stand off to one side and try to look as if I actually belong here. Tersely he gives orders… Continue reading

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