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“I think I once burned within the sun and showered earth with rain…”


“Distant thunder echoes off the hills; My heart with trepidation fills . . .”

Chrysalis: A Free-Verse Poem for Lent

“I am a brittle ship in a hurricane, clinging to this twig that is my harbor . . .”

Winter Will Not Last Forever

“Fear not the lonely darkness of the soul’s winter nights, when no warmth of consolation comes . . .”


“Hope is a spark . . . Peace is a warmth . . . Joy is a flame . . . Love is a fire . . .”

The Flame of Autumn

“Be the flame of autumn in this changing, chilling world and in my trembling heart.”

For Those Who Know: A Thanksgiving Day Poem

“Well and ill, we all partake of Your heart’s fires; a billion hungers, yet Your peace fills all desires.”


“I inhale blue by midnight. I exhale grey at dawn. Over arid lands, I sweep my silent arm.”

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