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Lonely Places

“You let the solitude steal your human life from you, turn you into magic and dust and little puffs of breath–no longer human, barely living and yet more alive than the entire world…”


Childhood Is a Kingdom: A Reflection on “The Wizard of Oz”

“When at the end of the yellow-brick road, the wizard wasn’t a wizard after all, and the city wasn’t erected of emerald…it was a disappointment unlike anything else that had happened to me.”

Advent Sacrifice

“You turned your back on brilliance, bade earth an agonized goodbye and empty-handed faced the dark, like everyone who comes this way…”

Melting Clock

“Tick-Tock…Tick-Tock…the clock is melting off the shelf…”

Meditation on the Longing for Death

“If life holds not for me what my heart craves, What left is there for me except the grave?”

Dreams of Fairfield Creek

I may never go back. If I can, I’ll find my way up into my maple-tree palace again, where I was an elf queen. Or I’ll tromp through the creek and the tunnel and into the ruined field where Neverland used to be.