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Gambling for Eternity: An Analysis of the Apologetics Argument of “Pascal’s Wager”

Read this analysis of the Christian apologetics argument known as “Pascal’s Wager”, and how it has implications on both an earthly and eternal level.



“New russet feathers shining back the sun, forever-still wings that cannot sing the wind…”

Bright Beings

“Bright ones you are always with me…I see you every time I see the love in a child’s eyes…”

Look Closer: Catholicity in the Entertainment Industry

In this article, the subject of Catholicity in art (and especially the entertainment industry) is explored, proposing that we must look closer in order to find the elements of truth still present in modern productions.

A Terrible Good

“From the passion and the life whose fountains are within, the awful shadow of some unseen Power flowed through…”

The Sacred Heart in NYC

“Amidst the noise of New York City, the Sacred Heart of Christ is beating…”

Mirror, Mirror, in the Wood: A Review of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Read this erudite analysis of William Shakespeare’s timeless play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and learn how the farces and follies of the story-line actually hold meaning that parallels the chaos and irrationality of our own world.