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Miraculous Waters: A Troubadour’s Link to Lourdes

“My grandmother Mairie would also travel back to her homeland once and awhile to see her family, and would always go to Lourdes when there…”

Hidden Queen

“Look into the poorest eyes and find the hidden queen…”

Our Lady of the World

“Unfailing Mother comes for all and won’t destroy her gift of love…”

Queen of Priests, Mother of Sorrow: Our Lady’s Role in Holy Week

Read this overview of Our Lady’s role in Holy Week as Queen of Priests and Mother of Sorrows by Aurora Mandeville.

Oh, White Lady: Faith as a Struggle

Read this intimate testimony by Bradley J. Birzer about his return to Catholicism through Marian Devotion.

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue: Mary’s Role in the Incarnation

As Christmas draws near, let us call to mind the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Mary’s Carol

“What was it like to gaze on His face, to press Him to your heart, to know that He came to save our race, that one day you would part?”

The Immaculate Conception

“Unblemished for thy length of days, no trace of sin did thou condone…”

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