Tag Archive: M.C. Pehrson

A Thorn

“A thorn, I asked—one from His crown…”

Testament: Part 6

“The shock of the meld left Spock lying awake for hours…”

Testament: Part 5

“‘The girl’s performance was compromised. It may be that her family cannot afford to buy her a violin as fine as the one you destroyed. Does that mean nothing to you?'”

Flame of Truth

“Glorious flame of Truth, make of each heart a candle…”

Memoir of a Soldier Boy: Christmas Reflections in the Aftermath of the First World War

“Suddenly even Christmas paled by comparison…From that day on, I wanted only to be a soldier.”

A Christmas Visit: A Star Trek Fan-Fiction Poem

“‘Twas the night before Christmas, and on my starship, not a creature was stirring—‘twas our homeward trip…”

Winter Tree

“I saw her standing bent upon the snow…”

Testament: Part 4

“In his mind’s eye he saw the fragile little human his brother had married. How he had always disliked her and her halfbreed offspring…”

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