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Aragorn the Lover: A Union with the Beloved and a Call to Greatness

Read this article about Aragorn fulfilling the great archetypes of the King, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover.

Eternal Bond: To My Twin Flame

“We are fueled by the same inspiration, we dance to the same rhythm, we burn with the same fervor…”

Rosa and Arjuna: A Love Story

“Only water lay between them; only time would be the test whether love could long endure…”

Eve of May

“Ne’er have I felt my heart race the way it does for hawthorn blooms, a tender breeze beneath warm sun….”

Hidden in the Winds of Loving

“We do not fly through the power of wings, but from the winds of loving that sustain our flight…”

Sacrifice of the Sun

“The moon calls to wind, ‘Blow hither the clouds to shield my beauty fair…’”

Love Matters

“Love matters…when there is only natural you and me, playing in a sea of acceptance and reverence…”

Come, My Love: An Analysis of Thomas Merton’s Mystical Poem “Pass Through My Will”

Read this analysis of the poem “Pass Through My Will” by Thomas Merton, Catholic monk and spiritual mystic.

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