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A Mother’s Love

“I can’t but tremble at my fear, caress Your cheek and hold you near . . .”

The Legend of Holly Claus: A Book Review

Discover the artful, whimsical Christmas tale of Holly Claus.

More than Memory

“And do survivors ever learn to feel the joy their fight should earn, to view the world again as a child, when alone from darkness they return?”


“Hope is a spark . . . Peace is a warmth . . . Joy is a flame . . . Love is a fire . . .”

Even: Aragorn’s Promise to Arwen at the Black Gate

“Should the star you gave me have no gleam of light remaining – still would my love reach you.”

An Inspiration for My Life: The Story of St. Gianna Molla

Discover the heroically loving woman who preserved her baby’s life by refusing a hysterectomy to remove a uterine tumor – and paid for it with her own life.

Heart of Oak

“Heart of Oak, well-seasoned wood, I can feel your presence…”

My Heart

“My heart, it flies, winging its way from land to skies…”

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