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Your Voice

“I walked a path to Calvary Hill, You hung from the cross, bound by love and will…”

Mirror, Mirror, in the Wood: A Review of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Read this erudite analysis of William Shakespeare’s timeless play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, and learn how the farces and follies of the story-line actually hold meaning that parallels the chaos and irrationality of our own world.

The Price of Friendship

“What price can be put on a friendship? None! Not the measured sum of life itself…”

Mary’s Meditation

A short story written through Our Lady’s perspective, pondering the grief and hope of the first Holy Saturday.

Cap O’ Rushes: An Old English Fairy Tale in Verse

“Long she wandered through the land, til coming to a fen she wove a cape and hood of rushes…”

I Am with You: The Active Love of Samwise Gamgee

Rediscover the essential role that Samwise Gamgee plays in The Lord of the Rings, solely by pouring out a constant, sacrificial love to his master, Frodo Baggins.

The Proof of Love

“You’re driving yourself too hard, taut like a violin string about to snap…Know that I would bring you no pain…”

Love Is Not An Accident

“Love is not an accident of chemicals that crossed in space…”

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