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Why Do You Love Me?: A Movie Review of “A Time to Remember”

Read this review of the heart-warming holiday classic “A Time to Remember”, about an Italian-American boy whose dream is to be singer, in spite of his father’s opposition.

Mary’s Carol

“What was it like to gaze on His face, to press Him to your heart, to know that He came to save our race, that one day you would part?”

But Wait There’s More

“Just when I thought it was finally over, look what showed up around the corner: another hill to climb, another mile to go…”


“I discover my woundedness; I sit and go into it…”

Emer of the Green Eyes

“As I gazed into her eyes, I was dazzled by the depth of their emerald beauty…”

Dreaming Culture

“From the beginning – the original Dreaming – we are all equals…”

The Stag Who Lived Forever

Blessed by the faeries and leader of a charmed life, a stag discovers that true greatness lies in sacrificial love.

Idle Dreams

“A blade that bore three silver stars — stars from a dream, and nothing more…”

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