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Love Matters

“Love matters…when there is only natural you and me, playing in a sea of acceptance and reverence…”

Two View Points

“Hi there, Mommy, it’s little me…I’m your baby, can’t you see?”

The Duty of Stars

Enjoy this magical story about a lonely school teacher who finds love and light with her very own wishing star.

Bright Beings

“Bright ones you are always with me…I see you every time I see the love in a child’s eyes…”

Come, My Love: An Analysis of Thomas Merton’s Mystical Poem “Pass Through My Will”

Read this analysis of the poem “Pass Through My Will” by Thomas Merton, Catholic monk and spiritual mystic.

The Elf and the Orc: Part 5

           Lindariel took a seat, resting the stick against her chair and called the bartender over. She ordered some stew and sweet wine.       While she waited a Dwarf approached her. “You… Continue reading

The Sacred Heart in NYC

“Amidst the noise of New York City, the Sacred Heart of Christ is beating…”

Womb of the Universe

“Hush, my child, on the journey far from home, a star shall lead; Soul of Starlight burns within me,
Yet the mighty pay no heed…”

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