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Happiness and Resolution: Lent as a Reset Button

“How can Lent become a spiritual reset button? Well, instead of merely abstaining from chocolate and meat and saying a few extra prayers, I decided to use Lent as a time to reevaluate my spiritual life.”


Unheard Voices

“They deserve more than just being a choice, for they are loved, we are their voice…”

Living Boldly: What Do I Do With the Time That Is Given to Me?

“Life does not lend itself to living boldly, spontaneously, and courageously, and yet I believe that life means more when striving to live with no regrets…”

Less Than Human

“They will be shunned and shackled every step of the way…”

Gambling for Eternity: An Analysis of the Apologetics Argument of “Pascal’s Wager”

Read this analysis of the Christian apologetics argument known as “Pascal’s Wager”, and how it has implications on both an earthly and eternal level.

The Ultimate Life-Giver

“Feel the vast magnitude of the Source
of All Silence from which creation flows…”


“New russet feathers shining back the sun, forever-still wings that cannot sing the wind…”

May Day

“I am the rebirth of trees; I am the aweakening from slumber…”