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Arthur and the Vale of Shadows: A Tale of Dracula in the Days of Camelot

“Hear the cry of your blood-bought son. Shadows around me seek to destroy my very soul and snuff out my life, but You are with me…”

Home Reclaimed: A Selkie’s Return

“She knew that she was fated to slip within and learn the secrets waiting ‘neath the water…”

A Cat of a Different Coat: Spirituality, Storytelling, and the Music of Karliene

Read this overview of the spirituality and storytelling style found within the fandom-based music of Karliene.

Sacrifice of the Sun

“The moon calls to wind, ‘Blow hither the clouds to shield my beauty fair…’”

Song of a White Hare

“Do you never wonder why it is I always come, bearing strange gifts?”

Poppy and Pomegranate

Immerse yourself in this short story of love, loss, and reconciliation in the tradition of Romeo and Juliet.

Sacred Chalice, Blooming Staff: The Legend of the Glastonbury Thorn

Learn about the coming of Christianity to Britain as retold in the legends of Joseph of Arimathea, who is said to have brought both the Glastonbury Thorn and the Holy Grail to the western isles.

God Rest Ye Merry: Traditional Christmas Carols from Merry Old England

Get into the Christmas spirit by reading up on these memorable old English carols and their fascinating backstories!

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