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Morning Star

“‘Let your sorrows be turned to joy, for I am still your little Boy, and now you will rule by My side as Queen, for you are lovely and serene…'”

Eve of May

“Ne’er have I felt my heart race the way it does for hawthorn blooms, a tender breeze beneath warm sun….”

Moses: The Saga of a Little Russian Blue in Grey

“Know that no cat your place will try, my little Russian Blue in grey…”

Queen of Priests, Mother of Sorrow: Our Lady’s Role in Holy Week

Read this overview of Our Lady’s role in Holy Week as Queen of Priests and Mother of Sorrows by Aurora Mandeville.

Celtic Lent

“As the Baptist made the road ready for our Savior’s Ascension, may we make our Souls ready through Lenten devotion….”

The Spirit of Christmas Past

“Despite the sorrows of this fickle world, my spirit tells me we were born to live in joy…”

Christ Our Light

“The time has come; we turn to see The flame that burns so steadily, The Easter candle, soaring high: A light that will not ever die.”

Canticle to the Creator

A prayer that we will unfailingly perceive God in all His creation and see how He permeates our entire lives, and that, in response, we would be filled with His Spirit of worship.

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