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Footsteps of the Holy Family

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph we love you. Enlighten us, help us, save souls!”


I Am: The Divine Mystery of the Triduum

“I Am . . . The Thought before the Speaking, The Word before the Writing . . .”

Christ Our Light

“The time has come; we turn to see The flame that burns so steadily, The Easter candle, soaring high: A light that will not ever die.”

A Desert with Roses: Ten Simple Resolutions to Enrich My Lent

Suffering a mid-Lent slump? Try simplifying your plans and incorporating a childlike spirit of trust and joy.

Love Is Not An Accident

“Love is not an accident of chemicals that crossed in space…”

Two Kings

“I look through all my tears and see…the gift this Child desires is me!”

A Mother’s Love

“I can’t but tremble at my fear, caress Your cheek and hold you near . . .”

The Cave: Plato’s Fable and Christian Salvation

Hobbita examines Plato’s Myth of the Cave and, merging classical and Catholic philosophies, explains the parallels with Christian salvation.