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A Quirkish Contradiction: An Exploration of the British Constitution

British citizen and political journalist O’Neill takes on a witty tour de force of the British Constitution…which technically does not exist!


Top of All Tables: A Fan’s Review of the Television Series “Jane and the Dragon”

When a dragon’s claws whisk young Prince Cuthbert of Kippernium away from the castle, an unlikely hero arrives at the dragon’s den to rescue the kingdom’s heir: feisty, precocious, and unforgettably red-haired twelve-year-old Jane Turnkey.

The Summoned Book

“This brief tale of adventure lights a flame that never dies…”

Spring Thoughts

“We gaze around in wonder and awe at the beauty of creation reborn…”

Where are My Lembas?

“O where, O where have my lembas gone? O where, O where can they be?!”

Bart the Bard

“’Deep in the mountains in a hidden cave is a sword. This sword gives unbelievable power, power not even I can begin to understand. It is being sought by my enemy, Marvin the Maligned. He mustn’t get it, Bart.’” (Rated: G)