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The Violet Phantom and the Yellow Conquistador: Part 3

In this final installment of the Jane-Austen Saga, our hero finds himself hailed as “The Yellow Conquistador”, but is subsequently betrayed to the French by a gypsy with whom he shares a long-lost connection!


The Ballad of the Crumbs

“There once upon a legend lived a tiny grey-furred mouse…”

The Violet Phantom and the Yellow Conquistador: Part 2

Austen Slaymaker, our intrepid hero, has landed in war-torn Spain, in the company of Jane DeLacey, his female protector, and Leonard Fisher, his arch-nemesis who devises a plan to do-away with his rival in the Bull Ring at Corunna…

The Violet Phantom and the Yellow Conquistidor: Part 1

Meet Austin Slaymaker, an eligible young gentleman in Regency England who finds that telling tall tales to a bevy of adoring females can have consequences…namely, getting one drafted into the army to fight “Bold Bonaparte” in sunny Spain!

The Origins of Mother’s Day

“This day,” Minerva proclaimed, “will be called ‘The Day We Appreciate Our Most Estimable Mothers and Thank Them Graciously for Not Allowing Us to be Eaten by Wolves’.”

Stratford and Shakespeare: Exploring the Birthplace of the Bard

Shadow Rae-Rae as she reluctantly embarks on a college trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon, braving unwelcoming weather in order to appreciate the Bard who made all the world a stage.

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand: A Whimsical Literary Review

A widower and a widow “meet cute” and fall in love in a charmingly unusual story revolving around duck hunting.

Come Quick! Real Elves!: A Human’s Wistful Reflections on the Immortals of Middle-Earth

Enjoy this anecdote of how one Elf-admirer took her fandoms a bit far and paid for it with much humiliation.