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“When Hope blossoms in joyful grace, cold wind is calmed by sudden spring…”

St. John Paul II: The Heroic Pope

“Saints exist, not for themselves, but for the Church…”

On the Edge of Waiting

“Just for a moment.
Let me share with you once again what we forget in our festive frenzy…”

Telescoping Hope: The Role of Stories

“A story is a telescope, bringing the distance within arm’s reach…”

The Willows Are Calling

“The willows are calling the ice-river mellows…”

Winter of the Soul: A Spiritual Analysis of the Game of Thrones Pop Culture Phenomena

“After the last plot twist has twisted, and the last shock factor sprung, and the last act of retribution accomplished, what will people be able to look back and remember as a lasting legacy of the program?”


“New russet feathers shining back the sun, forever-still wings that cannot sing the wind…”

Room: A Defining Landmark in Faith and Storytelling

Read this film review of “Room”, a movie that takes on dark themes in a way that still affirms the worth of all life and power of the human spirit.

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