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The Admiral

“The day I saw the Admiral for the first and final time, my mouth fell wide open, and my eyes blinked with surprise!”

An Ordeal of Honour: The 13th King’s and the Somme Offensive

For the 100th anniversary of the Somme Offensive, read the story of the 13th Kings Regiment in the British military and their heroism during the ordeal.

Those Souls for Whom the Bell Tolls: A Memorial Day Reflection

“It symbolizes the fulfillment a solemn promise to always remember what they had done in their selfless devotion to the call of duty…”

Prologue: A Mulan Fan-Fiction Story

“Mulan’s eyes sparkled mischievously, and she declared, ‘I have many swords…I beat the boys when they take away my dolls, and take their swords away.'” (Rated: PG)

The Only One: A Poem Dedicated to Homeless Veterans

“Am I the only one who notices your hands, chilled with the homeless nights, blistered from the trigger?”

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