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Beauty and the Beast: Modern Disney vs. Classic Disney

“What kind of depth would be imparted to the characters, as told to a modern audience? What new spin would be placed on a ‘tale as old as time’?”

Cutting My Hair

“My head and heart feel light and new, relieved of a burden unnoticed until its absence…”

My Mother’s Soul

“‘Books are meant to be read,’ she said. ‘That is how they stay alive…'”

What Is Love?

“It is a woven song of starlight and dewdrops; it is made of butterflies caught in a prism of light…”

Love, Strength, and Dignity: The Many Faces of Jane Eyre

For St. Valentine’s Day, explore the various film adaptations of Charlotte Bronte’s classic tale of love and strength, “Jane Eyre”.

Handsome and the Hag

Meet Hans, also known as “Handsome”, who finds himself the involuntary guest at the castle of a hideous hag…who turns out to be much more than first appearances would indicate.

Creation of Rinamathair

“Her first Shaping was called Earth, the first element, and sat as a brown globe in the dark nothingness that was Nought…” (Rated: G)

Rose’s Thorn

“When I wield a sword, it is as though I have touched something from deep in the past, a relic from the days when the world was young…”

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