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Testament: Part 6

“The shock of the meld left Spock lying awake for hours…”


“It was a splintery thing, broken into misshaped pieces with sharp edges…”

The Sound of Roses

Frodo and Sam spend a day together in the Shire after the wars, where the enjoy the simple joys of roses and wind chimes.

Lady Catewyn?: A Game of Thrones Fan-Fiction Story

“’Your father loves you, and I love your father. This means that I must choose. I can choose to hurt your father by hurting you, or I can choose to be kind to you, to help your father.'” (Rated: PG)

The Rising of the Moon Maiden

“She rises high overhead and light from her hand spills down like droplets of soft rain…”

In Memoriam: My Dad “Spock”

For the anniversary of the death of Leonard Nimoy: Sharon Tootill shares a moving memorial to her late father, who shared more than a few similariites with the iconic Star Trek character, Mr. Spock.

The Divine Doctor: Suffering and Healing in the Christian Life

Fr. Brian Doerr explores the Gospel stories featuring Jesus as Divine Doctor, and the relationship between suffering and healing in the Christian life.


“I discover my woundedness; I sit and go into it…”

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