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Specters of the Void: Part 1

“She returned to her watch of all things heavenly and earthly, as it is fitting for any moon who wishes to keep his or her reputation as a poetic and somewhat mysterious being…”

When Christmas Was Born: A Father’s Gift

“It was as simple and miraculous as a story could possibly be, and after more than 2000 years, it has not aged or grown too old for us to understand…”

Advent Sacrifice

“You turned your back on brilliance, bade earth an agonized goodbye and empty-handed faced the dark, like everyone who comes this way…”

Yule Light: Frodo’s First Winter in the West

After Frodo journeys to the Undying Lands with Bilbo and Gandalf, he struggles to overcome loneliness and celebrate Yule during his first winter away from home.

Hobbit Home?

“A hobbit might be happy here; t’would suit him to a tittle!”

The Divine Doctor: Suffering and Healing in the Christian Life

Fr. Brian Doerr explores the Gospel stories featuring Jesus as Divine Doctor, and the relationship between suffering and healing in the Christian life.

Mystical Waters

“I am the ebb and flow of the tide revealing hidden treasures…”

But Wait There’s More

“Just when I thought it was finally over, look what showed up around the corner: another hill to climb, another mile to go…”

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