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Death Shall Have No Dominion

“Deep in a tangled forest, there dwelt four sisters whose mother, a wood-wife, had died by the bite of a werewolf years before…” (Rated: PG-13)

The Maid of Harlaw

“Over the last 300 years, a total of eleven men of the Jameson family have been found dead in, or near, the ruins of Brunstane Tower near the village of Bonaly in Mid-Lothian…”

Aboard the Ark: An Author’s Voyage through Fantasy Storytelling

Read this author’s spot by John Heldon about his fantasy trilogy about time-locked ghosts from a basketball team and an ancient Native American prophecy.

The Spirit of Christmas Past

“Despite the sorrows of this fickle world, my spirit tells me we were born to live in joy…”

A Bard’s Prayer

“Let me weave with thread silver, star-lit, spider-spun, so my words may flow like a moon-kissed stream…”

Strong John of Waterloo

“He thinks of ale and cornbread, of Paradise and God — Is there a place in Heaven for those who till the sod?”

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