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Happiness and Resolution: Lent as a Reset Button

“How can Lent become a spiritual reset button? Well, instead of merely abstaining from chocolate and meat and saying a few extra prayers, I decided to use Lent as a time to reevaluate my spiritual life.”

Who Am I?

“If you look up into the sky, you may see me floating by…”

Sail Away: Legolas’ Song

“The boat is about to leave; a sigh I’m about to heave…when I turn back, look, and see my best friend standing there…”

When All Other Lights Have Failed: The Christmas Message and The Lord of the Rings

Read this eloquent piece about how the questioned posed by Frodo, “What are we holding on to?”, is answered in the form of the Christ Child at Christmas.

Yule on the Quest: A Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Story

“Joy bubbled up in Frodo as he traveled on. This was just like home! It was that real, even though many of the faces were different. The love he saw in those eyes and those smiles was the same.” (Rated: G)

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Seemingly Secular, Actually Catholic!

In this fascinating article, learn about the hidden Catholic meanings found in “The 12 Days of Christmas”, an old English carol from a time when Catholicism was under persecution.

A Movie Fan’s Dream

Enjoy this whimsical short story recounting an avid movie fan’s dream featuring colorful characters from Reepicheep of Narnia to Dorothy of Oz!

Star Wars: Character Injustice

If you find you have a lack of appreciation for any of the following Star Wars characters, read on and remind yourself, for all their lack of dazzle or surplus of annoying attributes, they deserve at least your grudging respect!

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