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Caspian’s Wife: A Chronicles of Narnia Fan-Fiction Story

“Caulitha entered the Throne Room and was amazed, for what she saw was an exact replica of what had been…On the stairs of the dais, Caulitha saw the statues of her father, aunts, and uncle; she smiled as she slowly walked up the stairs.” (Rated: G)

Narnian Eyes: A Sonnet Sequence

“Pray, explain to me then why my heart danced when I first heard His name? How I saw sorrow in His deep, golden eyes? How I can describe His thick, coarse mane?”

The Unknown: A Chronicles of Narnia Fan-Fiction Story

“‘Why do you say such things about King Edmund?’ she would ask them. “He has obviously been forgiven by Aslan, his family, and most of the Narnians, else he would not be on the throne…How dare you talk about him so!’” (Rated: G)

Is Faith Reasonable?: Being Receptive to All Reality

Are faith and reason opposed to each other, or are they two wings of the human spirit soaring towards truth? Read this philosophically provocative essay and decide for yourself!

Into the Valley of Death: An Analysis of “The Charge of the Light Brigade”

Read this fascinating overview of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s famous epic, “The Charge of the Light Brigade”, and the way that history, politics, and romance worked its way into the folk memory, even as complexity surrounding the actual military exploit divided the public.

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