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Cycles of Magic: A Fantasy and Science Fiction Media Montage

“I read LOTR first, and what leapt out to me was how vibrant and real this world was that Tolkien had created. He spun tales of elves, men, women, and hobbits, weaving it all into a backdrop that felt ancient with whispers of an age long gone…”

12:15 A.M. Thoughts on Faramir: A Book and Movie Character Comparison

Which representation resonates more: Tolkien’s saintly or Jackson’s repentant Faramir? Read and decide for yourself!


“The daughter of all noble kings, within my soul, a war cry sings…”

The Marriage of the White Lady: A Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Story

“I approach him slowly, my heart in my throat. ‘You…you could never…cage me,’ I realize out loud. ‘You would…free me…’” (Rated: PG)

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