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What Would Jesus Do on Election Day?: A Non-Partisan Christian Reflection

“On election day Jesus would, of course, die for the redemption of the world. I know it sounds trite, but this is no mere Sunday School answer…”

If We Can Keep It: Maintaining Constitutional Relevancy in Modern America

“The Constitution is still relevant because of its purpose: to establish a solid foundation that protects the rights and upholds the truths listed in the Declaration of Independence.”

Where Your Treasure Lies: A Spiritual Reflection on an Election Year

“Store up your treasures in Heaven, for where your treasure lies, there also lies your heart, and no vote can ever take that away.”

Who Among You Are With Me?: The Story of the Black Robe Regiment

Discover the Black Robe Regiment, a group of devoted Christian pastors who fueled the fire of the American Revolution and whose dedication to Christian morality and resilient patriotism influenced our founding documents.

Christianity Is As Relevant As Ever: A British Political Candidate Speaks About His Faith

When it comes to concern for the poor, compassion, and social justice, this political candidate believes-motivated by his personal conversion story-that Christianity is more than relevant to addressing and tackling these questions.

Bringing Sight to the Blind: A Movie Review of “Amazing Grace”

Discover the deeply moving story of William Wilberforce, a young politician who stood out in the 18th century British parliament and championed the abolition the British Slave Trade.

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