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The Brave Little Fairy

“She looked down at her simple dress…and at that moment felt herself the smallest bit forlorn…”

Faery Lure

“Enchantment’s thrall, I can, but obey…”

Enchanted Entryways: Elf Houses and Fairy Doors

Enjoy this overview by Carolyn Emerick about the origin of fairies in mythology and folklore, as well as the various “enchanted entrance ways” set aside from magical creatures.

A Friend in Need

“Within a locked and ornate cage, a fairy sat in sorrow…”

Bright Beings

“Bright ones you are always with me…I see you every time I see the love in a child’s eyes…”

Winter Fae

“Then the Faery Queen,- magnificent in sparkling gown, she turned and waved to me…”

Fairy Adventures in the Glade: A Sleeping Beauty Fan-Fiction Story

“Daisy was discretely sprinkling love petals onto the woman’s long, blonde hair, and Warren was playing a tune into the man’s ear. Neither of the people knew they were being helped, of course. The fairies and feys of the Glade preferred to keep their existence a secret…” (Rated: G)

Love’s Triumph

“Oh come within our Faery Ring, and dance with us tonight…Ye lovely Princess so distressed; instead of woe, you’ll find delight!”

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