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Shattered Mirror

“The Queen of Ice sat proud upon her throne, her one-time child-pawn toyed at her feet…”


In Aeternum: The England That Never Changes

“Seeing true England through the perspective of the Triune splendor of the Good, the True and the Beautiful, we know that such an England can never die…”

Night Desert Sky

“Sitting under a night desert sky, stars twinkling, wind whispering quiet sighs…”

Gambling for Eternity: An Analysis of the Apologetics Argument of “Pascal’s Wager”

Read this analysis of the Christian apologetics argument known as “Pascal’s Wager”, and how it has implications on both an earthly and eternal level.

Where Does Love Reside?

“They say love dwells in the heart, that red mysterious chamber that pumps three billion times if you are blessed to remain for your three score year and ten…”

Empress of Eternity

“Her beauty surpasses even that of moon; an ethereal simplicity surrounds her like an aura of sweet perfume…”

A Terrible Good

“From the passion and the life whose fountains are within, the awful shadow of some unseen Power flowed through…”


“I think I once burned within the sun and showered earth with rain…”