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Shaping Destiny: The Importance of Men in Middle Earth

Emerald makes the case that Men, although somewhat unimpressive in comparison with the other races of Middle Earth, are vitally important as shapers of destiny in “The Lord of the Rings.”

All Over Again

Enjoy this Doctor Who Fanfiction story about Clara and River Song learning how to deal with the Doctor’s many personality changes that he experiences as a Time Lord.

Confronting the Darkness: Fear, Free Will, and “Return of the Jedi”

Read about the danger of fear and the triumph of free-will as played out in “Return of the Jedi”, the epic conclusion of the original Star Wars Trilogy.

Frightfully Fun: An Assortment of Classic Halloween Movies

While munching on snickers and star bursts, kick back and watch these spooky classics for your Halloween revels!

Emerald’s Interviews: Interview with the Elf-Lord

Emerald, our dogged journalist, is off on an adventure in the undying lands to interview an Elf Lord, and get his perspective on the Jackson spin-offs of “the real story”!

The Extraterrestrial Plot, Part 2

Emerald’s exciting saga continues as heroine Ashley suspects the two teen reporters she’s working with know more about this extraterrestrial business than they’re letting on . . .

Middle-Earth Factoids: 10 Things You Might Not Know about “The Lord of the Rings”

How was Middle-earth created? Which two prominent LOTR characters are actually related, thanks to Maian blood? Read to find out!

The Extraterrestrial Plot: Part 1

The mysterious saga continues as Ashley encounters a haunting green-eyed being in the woods, one who could possibly be an extraterrestrial…

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