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Emerald’s Interviews: Interview with the Elf-Lord

Emerald, our dogged journalist, is off on an adventure in the undying lands to interview an Elf Lord, and get his perspective on the Jackson spin-offs of “the real story”!

Hope: The Battle of Helm’s Deep Through the Eyes of Haleth, Son of Háma

“’This is a good sword, Haleth, son of Háma,’ he said. Laying the blade back in my hands, he bent down to look me in the eyes and placed a firm hand on my shoulder. ‘There is always hope.’” (Rated: PG)

Tolkien’s Mythic History: How Middle Earth Launched the Fantasy Genre

Enjoy this perspective on how the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy rose in popularity beginning in the 1950s, and how Jackson’s films brought these lingual-and-history inspired tales alive for those who prefer the tone of modern fantasy novels.

Vale of Tears: A Song of the Elves

“A glitter, glimmer, moth of white. . .”

Middle-Earth Factoids: 10 Things You Might Not Know about “The Lord of the Rings”

How was Middle-earth created? Which two prominent LOTR characters are actually related, thanks to Maian blood? Read to find out!

Not By the Hand of Man: The Women of The Lord of the Rings

Are you thinking “The Lord of the Rings” falls short when it comes to strong female characters? Think again!

Come Quick! Real Elves!: A Human’s Wistful Reflections on the Immortals of Middle-Earth

Enjoy this anecdote of how one Elf-admirer took her fandoms a bit far and paid for it with much humiliation.

The Summoned Book

“This brief tale of adventure lights a flame that never dies…”

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