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O Dayspring, Come: Frodo’s Salvation through Mercy

Read this analysis by Stephen C. Winter of how Frodo’s salvation came through a chain reaction of mercy being shown through the history of Middle Earth.

The Elf and the Orc: Part 6

           Morfang drew his blade and stuck it through the man’s stomach. He pulled it out and ran back to the inn.      Waving his sword around, the people went into an… Continue reading

Empress of Eternity

“Her beauty surpasses even that of moon; an ethereal simplicity surrounds her like an aura of sweet perfume…”

The Elf and the Orc: Part 5

           Lindariel took a seat, resting the stick against her chair and called the bartender over. She ordered some stew and sweet wine.       While she waited a Dwarf approached her. “You… Continue reading

The Elf and the Orc: Part 4

           She did not expect him to stop. If anything, she thought Morfang would just leave her to fend for herself.      They had been walking together for two weeks. During that… Continue reading

The Elf and the Orc: Part 3

          Morfang scanned the area and noted that a group of archers were waiting for him. Obviously stationed by the Prince’s orders.      Morfang stood and placed the princess in front of… Continue reading

The Elf and the Orc: Part 2

Morfang glanced up and about. He still held the Elven girl down on the woodland floor. He might have to take her hostage to buy his freedom.      Deciding that no one was… Continue reading

The Elf and the Orc: Part 1

While escaping Orc Hunters, Morfang son of Gorbag finds himself in Mirkwood forest and meets the sister of Legolas Thranduilion, Lindariel. Will Lindariel’s compassion reach Morfang, or will Morfang abuse Lindariel’s kindness to avenge his fallen comrades?

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