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The Elf and the Orc: Part 9

            Lindariel was woke mid-morning by Morurty. She grinned at her. “Mistress Mekrunt told me to give you these,” she said, holding out a set of black robes. “Though I’m not… Continue reading

The Romance of Ergon and Thallasai

“Ergon was of human race, keen in eye, fair in face; Thallasai born of elf folk fair, eyes of blue, long gold hair…”

The Elf and the Orc: Part 8

       “May I ask why you are traveling with an Elf-woman?” Skumbog inquired after they had arrived to the Great Hall of Mt. Gram. Skumbog was pea green skinned and dark haired.… Continue reading

Scars: Chapter 1 -Darkness Follows

“High cliffs upon both sides, and ahead were two sheer hills, blacked-boned and bare. They were the Teeth of Mordor, two towers strong and tall, and they were not left unguarded…”

The Elf and the Orc: Part 7

     If possible, Morfang hoped he could cut the dragon and kill it. Once that could be done, well, even a leg could last a month with only two people. However, that’s only… Continue reading

Guardian Angels of the Quest: Frodo, Sam, and the Valar

Anne Marie Gazzolo explores the nature of Tolkien’s Valar, who serve as unseen “guardian angels” of Frodo and Sam’s Quest.

Enchanted Entryways: Elf Houses and Fairy Doors

Enjoy this overview by Carolyn Emerick about the origin of fairies in mythology and folklore, as well as the various “enchanted entrance ways” set aside from magical creatures.

An Unexpected Journey: A Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Story

“An idea formed in her mind, and she rushed to her room to prepare. It would be risky, but it would be worth it even if it was just to get to see Frodo…” (Rated: G)

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