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The Brave Little Fairy

“She looked down at her simple dress…and at that moment felt herself the smallest bit forlorn…”

October Chills

“Tis the time to gather ’round, for some thrilling spooky fare…”

Home Reclaimed: A Selkie’s Return

“She knew that she was fated to slip within and learn the secrets waiting ‘neath the water…”

Faery Lure

“Enchantment’s thrall, I can, but obey…”

The Unicorn and the Princess

“The Unicorn approached, and with his magic gift, of Knowing, he recognized her purity and innocence, so fair…”

A Friend in Need

“Within a locked and ornate cage, a fairy sat in sorrow…”

Well Met

“He was both proud and beautiful, like horse, above the waves, but down below, a dolphin tail, great ease of swimming, gave…”

Hobbit Home?

“A hobbit might be happy here; t’would suit him to a tittle!”

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