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Through Those Eyes: The Light of Divine Mercy

 Authors Note: This image of the crowned head of Our Lord hangs in the entrance of the Stone Church of the Madonna on the Hill in Fort Lee, NJ built in 1854 where… Continue reading

When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong: Frodo’s Providential Heroism

Read this persuasive argument that Frodo Baggins’ heroism was not at all diminished by his human weakness, but rather served to highlight the power of Divine Providence and Saving Grace.

Meditation on the Longing for Death

“If life holds not for me what my heart craves, What left is there for me except the grave?”

I Am: The Divine Mystery of the Triduum

“I Am . . . The Thought before the Speaking, The Word before the Writing . . .”

The Cave: Plato’s Fable and Christian Salvation

Hobbita examines Plato’s Myth of the Cave and, merging classical and Catholic philosophies, explains the parallels with Christian salvation.

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