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Beauty and the Beast: Modern Disney vs. Classic Disney

“What kind of depth would be imparted to the characters, as told to a modern audience? What new spin would be placed on a ‘tale as old as time’?”

My Fair Lady: A Lady and the Tramp Fan-Fiction Story

“‘Pooch has a real family now! No wonder he hasn’t been here.’ Beaming proudly, his eyes took on a faraway look, then refocused when he saw Lady, ‘Ahh, look Tony! It’s the Spanish cocker!’”

Imperiling Empowerment: An Analysis of “Let It Go” in Disney’s “Frozen”

“‘Let It Go’ informs the audience of the evil and the despair that Elsa has the potential to fall into, while keeping her a completely sympathetic character…”

Rogue One: What We Lose When ‘Star Wars’ Goes to the Dark Side

“Rogue One isn’t just a different sort of story than the original Star Wars films, or even just a story in a different genre. It is a story set in a different moral universe…”

Once Upon a Dream: A Magical Disney Movie Montage

Read this montage of magical Disney productions, from animated to live action, revealing both vibrant imagination and lots of love.

I’ve Got No Strings: Pinocchio, C.S. Lewis, and the Meaning of Conscience

Read about the profound connection between the “I’ve Got No Strings” song in Pinnochio and C.S. Lewis’s exploration of the nature of our consciences.

Tree Spirit

“Your deep, secret wisdom can only be heard by those willing to hear…”

Fairy Adventures in the Glade: A Sleeping Beauty Fan-Fiction Story

“Daisy was discretely sprinkling love petals onto the woman’s long, blonde hair, and Warren was playing a tune into the man’s ear. Neither of the people knew they were being helped, of course. The fairies and feys of the Glade preferred to keep their existence a secret…” (Rated: G)

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