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After Khan: A Star Trek Fan-Fiction Story

“I think the heart’s gone out of the ship today. You were my brother, Spock. And now – what? That’s it? You’re gone? Is that all that you were?”


The Admiral

“The day I saw the Admiral for the first and final time, my mouth fell wide open, and my eyes blinked with surprise!”

Eternal Bond: To My Twin Flame

“We are fueled by the same inspiration, we dance to the same rhythm, we burn with the same fervor…”

The Unicorn and the Princess

“The Unicorn approached, and with his magic gift, of Knowing, he recognized her purity and innocence, so fair…”

Handsome and the Hag

Meet Hans, also known as “Handsome”, who finds himself the involuntary guest at the castle of a hideous hag…who turns out to be much more than first appearances would indicate.

A Light that Darkness Cannot Kill: Sam’s Song to Frodo

“He looked old and marked by shaping years, Yet beautiful. This much was clear: His light would never be put out, And I loved him without a doubt.”

Ram’s Horns: Isaac Narrates the Sacrifice on Moriah

The gripping story of Abraham’s test, told afresh through the eyes of young, observant Isaac.