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Winter of the Soul: A Spiritual Analysis of the Game of Thrones Pop Culture Phenomena

“After the last plot twist has twisted, and the last shock factor sprung, and the last act of retribution accomplished, what will people be able to look back and remember as a lasting legacy of the program?”


“The only thing that will always last are the cold, silver stars…”

The Spirit of Christmas Past

“Despite the sorrows of this fickle world, my spirit tells me we were born to live in joy…”

Daytimes of This World

“A flower, fast-fading white…the last thing I saw in the grass somewhere…”

Hope: The Battle of Helm’s Deep Through the Eyes of Haleth, Son of Háma

“’This is a good sword, Haleth, son of Háma,’ he said. Laying the blade back in my hands, he bent down to look me in the eyes and placed a firm hand on my shoulder. ‘There is always hope.’” (Rated: PG)

A Light that Darkness Cannot Kill: Sam’s Song to Frodo

“He looked old and marked by shaping years, Yet beautiful. This much was clear: His light would never be put out, And I loved him without a doubt.”

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