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First Winter Sitting

“Last night, as we slept,
the first flakes fell…”


The Dark City

Meet Christopher and Jessica, residents of a city devoid of color and music, as they endeavor to find a powerful magic capable of restoring beauty to their surroundings.

Advent Sacrifice

“You turned your back on brilliance, bade earth an agonized goodbye and empty-handed faced the dark, like everyone who comes this way…”

Light and High Beauty: The Virtue of Hope in The Lord of the Rings

Ellen Virginia explores the virtue of hope as made manifest in “The Lord of the Rings”, and how it can apply to the challenges we face in our own daily lives.

Winter Will Not Last Forever

“Fear not the lonely darkness of the soul’s winter nights, when no warmth of consolation comes . . .”

The Crossroads

“For us, all hope of life is past – I know this sun will be our last. But then I see upon Sam’s face a soft, warm glow, a ray of grace . . .”