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The Start of Russia’s Long Lent: An Appreciation of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “The Red Wheel”

“The great Russian novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn offers a profound and powerful meditation on the rise of the Bolsheviks in ‘The Red Wheel’…”

Pity for a Creature as Dark as Darkness: An Analysis of Gollum and Bilbo’s Encounter in “The Hobbit”

“He was desperate. He must get away, out of this horrible darkness, while he had any strength left. He must fight. He must stab the foul thing, put its eyes out, kill it…”

On Mermaids and Witches: Fairy Tales and the Gospel

“The Little Mermaid though she fails in her temporal goal…finds eternal happiness by persevering in good­ness, and the world is blessed by her salvation…”

The Nine Muses

“Erato is the Muse of romantic poems and love, searching for the light that flows only from above…”

Because of You: A Jane Eyre Fan-Fiction Story

“Why was she the one he had to love? A girl less than half his age with no experience in virtually anything, much less matters of the heart…”

Modern Universities: What’s Wrong with the World of Education

John Paul Meenan, editor of “Catholic Insight” and assistant professor of theology and natural sciences at Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, outlines what he sees as the fatal flaws of the modern system of higher education.

Beyond the Mists

“We of the Fae have understanding of the tales to still unfold…”

Love, Strength, and Dignity: The Many Faces of Jane Eyre

For St. Valentine’s Day, explore the various film adaptations of Charlotte Bronte’s classic tale of love and strength, “Jane Eyre”.

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