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The Ballad of the Crumbs

“There once upon a legend lived a tiny grey-furred mouse…”

Anyone: A Fan’s Review of the Classic Television Series “Emergency!”

Discover the episode when Emergency! proved it had more to offer than just well-crafted humor, characters, and drama. It had courage.

Hope: The Battle of Helm’s Deep Through the Eyes of Haleth, Son of Háma

“’This is a good sword, Haleth, son of Háma,’ he said. Laying the blade back in my hands, he bent down to look me in the eyes and placed a firm hand on my shoulder. ‘There is always hope.’” (Rated: PG)

Daniel Boone: A Fan’s Review of the Classic Television Series

Read up on this beloved, long-running classic television show starring Fess Parker and Ed Ames.

How We Begin: The Story of Felix and Adauctus, Martyrs

Discover the heroic martyrdom of St. Felix and his nameless companion in this gripping short story.

The Only One: A Poem Dedicated to Homeless Veterans

“Am I the only one who notices your hands, chilled with the homeless nights, blistered from the trigger?”

More than Memory

“And do survivors ever learn to feel the joy their fight should earn, to view the world again as a child, when alone from darkness they return?”


“Hope is a spark . . . Peace is a warmth . . . Joy is a flame . . . Love is a fire . . .”

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