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Easter in My Landscape: Celtic Reflections on the Season

“The joy of this interaction is intense. I carry him like a treasure into a thicket, near a great expanse of pasture, and away from the road…”

Oak King

“My roots are messengers to earth and water; my branches are messengers to air and fire…”

The Holly Bears a Berry: On the Celtic Spirit at Christmas

“I have realised that legend and traditional tales are important to me as an expression of the human experience of a season or place…”

Born in Your Heart: Mary’s ‘Yes’ and Why It’s Relevant Today

“Maybe this Christmas it is time to turn our eyes away from the Bethlehem of 2000 years ago and the manger there and realize that Christ wants and needs to be born in us today…Can we stand with Mary this Christmas and say ‘yes’?”

The Maid of Harlaw

“Over the last 300 years, a total of eleven men of the Jameson family have been found dead in, or near, the ruins of Brunstane Tower near the village of Bonaly in Mid-Lothian…”

The Black Knight and the Night of the Ancestors: Part 1

“’We are planning a feast for the Night of the Ancestors, My Lord…”

Whispers of the Autumn Court

“Ours was the world of dankness and seeping chill, of rot and decay beneath the vibrant greens, of flash-fire autumns that gave way quickly to winter’s barren bones…”


“Creature of the moon and dim illumination of dream time, what do you inspire me to seek?”

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