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The Pleasure of His Majesty: Kingship in the Works of the Inklings

“Their kings are neither the figureheads with which we are familiar in everyday life nor the all-powerful despots the modern mind conjures up…Rather, they are mythic figures of romance, images, like their prototypes of Arthur and Charlemagne, of Christ the King.”

Lux Fulgebat Super Nos: a Tolkienian Blessing for Christmas

“As an undergraduate, J. R. R. Tolkien took in his hands an Old English religious poem…on the Advent, Ascension, and Last Judgment …”

Evergreen: The Origins of the Modern Christmas Tree

“It is difficult to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree. It is one of the most vivid and recognisable symbols of this festive time of year…”

The Black Knight and the Night of the Ancestors: Part 2

“Assuring his knife harness was in place, he ran down the stairs to find the Ladies of Avalon had arrived…”

The Black Knight and the Night of the Ancestors: Part 1

“’We are planning a feast for the Night of the Ancestors, My Lord…”

The Admiral

“The day I saw the Admiral for the first and final time, my mouth fell wide open, and my eyes blinked with surprise!”

An Ordeal of Honour: The 13th King’s and the Somme Offensive

For the 100th anniversary of the Somme Offensive, read the story of the 13th Kings Regiment in the British military and their heroism during the ordeal.

A River’s Flow: The Thames and Sir Thomas More

Here is a reflection on the symbolic importance of the River Thames in the classic film “A Man for All Seasons”.

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