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“Creature of the moon and dim illumination of dream time, what do you inspire me to seek?”

Hidden in the Winds of Loving

“We do not fly through the power of wings, but from the winds of loving that sustain our flight…”


“New russet feathers shining back the sun, forever-still wings that cannot sing the wind…”

The Traveler

“Clear vision to see where she has been, where she is now, and where she’s going to be…”

Your Planetary Self

“Let your stories burn off like rising mist, as your past and the false floors of curbed self love dissolve into butterfly wings and fire flies…”

The Origins of Mother’s Day

“This day,” Minerva proclaimed, “will be called ‘The Day We Appreciate Our Most Estimable Mothers and Thank Them Graciously for Not Allowing Us to be Eaten by Wolves’.”

When Music Plays

“I fly among the stars as the music transcends gravity…”

My Heart

“My heart, it flies, winging its way from land to skies…”

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