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Jesus of Nazareth: Easter Classic Is Still Better Than Creepy Robots

“First released in time for Easter back in 1977, Franco Zeffirelli’s epic miniseries Jesus of Nazareth was a staple of American television for years…”

Simple Homespun: A Movie Review of “The Robe”

In this classic Biblical blockbuster, a Roman officer finds himself “bewitched” by the robe of Christ after winning it in a dice game at the foot of the cross.

Footsteps of the Holy Family

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph we love you. Enlighten us, help us, save souls!”

Mary’s Meditation

A short story written through Our Lady’s perspective, pondering the grief and hope of the first Holy Saturday.

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?: The Tragedy of Depersonalization

Ultimately, the culture of death is caused by a loss of the realization that man has dignity because he is made in God’s image.

Regeneration of the Soul: The Liturgy and the Mystery of Resurrection

Our spiritual adoption is only by participation in Christ’s own life. The Resurrection, too, then must become ours. Christ’s Resurrection becomes our resurrection.

The Rich Young Man

A retelling of the well-known New Testament account of the young man who had many possessions . . . who, in this story, is also the future St. Luke the physician!

Creation Song

“Out of the dark and void of space, light sprang to greet His hand . . .”

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