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The Window of St. Mary’s

“Immediately his attention was caught by an enormous and beautifully worked stained glass window portraying the Blessed Virgin holding the Christ Child…”

The Eyes of the Heart: A Movie Review of “Prince of Foxes”

Enjoy this review of classic swashbuckling adventure “Prince of Foxes”, which not only manages to tell a rousing adventure story but also convey a message about the role of beauty in conversion of life.

Eternal Bond: To My Twin Flame

“We are fueled by the same inspiration, we dance to the same rhythm, we burn with the same fervor…”

The Ultimate Life-Giver

“Feel the vast magnitude of the Source
of All Silence from which creation flows…”

The Sun Bows

“The sun bows, as paint vibrates across the canvas, creating a golden replication…”

Furious Fancies: The Musings of a Traditional Catholic Poet

Read these musings of traditional Catholic author, historian, and poet Charles A. Coulombe about the importance of art and poetry in changing the world for Christ.

Icy Gems

“I await the outpouring of each unique gem of space and time held in the cold…”

Light and High Beauty: The Virtue of Hope in The Lord of the Rings

Ellen Virginia explores the virtue of hope as made manifest in “The Lord of the Rings”, and how it can apply to the challenges we face in our own daily lives.

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